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[food]Hot Dry Noodles

(2004-09-03 08:39:00)

Hot Dry Noodles is a traditional snack in Wuhan with a long history of 50 years. It was said that in early 1930s,there was a person named  Libao in  Hankou District of Wuhan, who sold Cool Power Noodles and Noodles in Soup. One day ,  it was hot and there was  a lot of noodles left, he was afraid the noodles became mold and turned worse. So he boiled noodles left, took it out , dried it on the chopping board, But he splashed sesame oil over noodles because of carelessness. A good idea came to his mind that Libao mixed and stirred noodles with sesame oil, then cooled it.

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