Zaoyang people welcome safe
return of Nie Haisheng


Introduction to Nie Haisheng


Born: September, 1964  Place of Birth:Zaoyang,Hubei

Nationality: Han


June 1983: Nie entered the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

1987: He graduated from Air Force No.7 Institute and became a fighter pilot.

1998: He became China’s first group of astronauts.

September 2003: He was selected as one of the three finalists for Shenzhou-5.

October 2005: Nie Haisheng and Fei Junlong piloted China’s second manned space mission, Shenzhou6


Nie Haisheng was born Yangdang town of Zaoyang, central ChinaHubei Province.


    Located in the northwest of Hubei and bounded by Hunan, Zaoyang enjoys clear regional advantages. It has an area of...More


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