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Friendship Cities of Hubei

Economic Development Zones

(2004-09-04 15:44:48)

    Hubei has three development zones at the state level: the Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Xiangfan Hi-tech Development Zone. Also, it has 24 development zones at the provincial level and 38 others at the prefectural level.  


    The East Lake New Technology Development zone, reputed as “silicon valley of central China”, is an intelligence-intensive area. It gathers over 100,000 professional and technical staff and mskes 1,000-odd research and development achievements each year. The optical cable communication industry with the strongest comprehensive capacity, the laser industry and state-level software industry all set up bases here. In the Zone, people will find Wuhan Post and Telecommunications Science Research Institute, a leading unit in the study of electronics information industry in China; Wuhan Changfei Optical Fiber and Cable Company, one of the largest cable enterprises of the world and Wuhan Huaruan Software Park, the largest multi-media software base in China. Now the “Chian Cable Valley” project has been launched.




East Lake High-Tech Development Zone (EDZ)


Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone (EDZ) is one of the high technology development zones approved by the State Council. In the zone, there are 23 universities and colleges, including the well-known Wuhan University and Huazhong Science and Engineering University, 56 research and design institutions, 10 key labs at the state level, 4 national technological centers, 20 state-owned large-and medium-sized enterprises. As one of the most intelligence-concentrated zones, EDZ boasts 10,000 professional technicians, with average 5000 technicians per square kilometers and 10 odd scientific achievements accomplished annually.


    With an average annual economic growth rate over 75%, EDZ boasts 5 enterprises whose annual production values reach 100 million-yuan. Through several years development, a hi-tech industry pattern has been shaped with such six pillar industries as modern tele-coms, bioengineering and new materials, and laser technology. The zone is now becoming an important base for hi-tech industry development in Wuhan. Besides, it is also an important window for the City’s opening to the outside world. Among the Global 500, eleven have invested in the zone.


Optics Valley Development Zone


Opto-electronics & information industry was founded quite early in Wuhan. The industry has delivered strong, effective, and sustained growth in recent years. Especially in East Lake Developing Zone, a number of universities and institutes, which are engaged in teaching or researching opto-electronics & information subjects, are coupled with many renowned opto-electronics & information companies, both home and abroad. Cooperating together, they enjoy recognizable advantages of high technology, qualified personnel, and firm industry foundation.


1 The Advantage of High Technology


    Wuhan is the cradleland for opto-electronics & telecommunications industry in China. It is Wuhan Institute of Posts & Telecommunications (WIP) that first open an optical line (8mb/s) for telecommunication. Early in 1994, Wuhan was approved to establish a national research center of the optical telecommunications engineering. In 1999, a national optoelectronic technology center was founded in Wuhan, which now becomes the national technology hub in producing optical fiber &cable, optoelectronic units, opical transmission equipment, and optical instrument. Recently, two standards, namely X.85 and Y.1321 issued by WIP were approved by International Telecommunications Association, which symbolized that WIP has come to be one member among the world advanced in this field.


2 The Advantage of Qualified Personnel


    As for its qualified personnel, the East Lake Developing Zone enjoys wide choices from 100,000 highly educated experts and technicians of 23 universities and 56 research institutes. One third of those people are engaging themselves in research and industrialization of opto-electronics & information technology. . Among them, 10 academicians granted by Chinese Academy of Sciences (from altogether 42 in Wuhan) are doing great contribution to the field of opto-electronics & information technology.


3The Advantage of Firm Industry Foundation


   Till 1999,143 companies in the East Lake developing Zone were involved in developing and manufacturing opto-electronics & information products. Among them, 59 companies dealt with Information opto-electronics technology, 12 with power opto-electronics technology, nd the other 72 with software engineering. East Lake Developing Zone is one of the three biggest industry bases in China. Products, such as high-power laser, laser processing equipment, laser welding equipment, laser medical equipment, and etc, reaches quite high level in technology, and enjoys considerable popularity in the market. In software developing industry, many excellent software products and property right achievements have won national Science Progress Prices. Its multimedia education software, CAD/CAM software, GPS software and Simulation Software also gain national reputation.


4Prosperity and Vigor shown by competitive enterprise


    In East Lake Developing Zone, many enterprises are involved in developing and manufacturing opto-electronics & information products. These enterprises are either top or competitive enterprises in their own trade in China. Most of them are located within 4km2 range to the East Lake Hi-tech Science Industry Park. That is to say, the opto-electronics & Information Base of East Lake Developing Zone preliminarily comes into being.


Wuhan Economic Development Zone


     Taking advantage of the State's decision to develop auto industry and develop and open the Yangtze River Basin. Wuhan Municipal Government made a strategic decision in 1990 to set up Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (here-in-after referred to as WETDZ ),which was then approved by the State Council in April, 1993. Enterprises can enjoy the most preferential investmental policies practised in China in the zone where development of foreign-funded enterprises is focused.

    Through five years of development, WETDZ has become one of the areas with the best investment environment in China. Up to now, investors from more than twenty countries and regions have made investment in WETDZ, among them, there are many world famous transnational corporations, including Citroen Co. and Ecia Co. from France, Coca Cola Co. and General Motor Co. from the US, Pilkington PLC and T&N Group from Britain, Hyundai Co. from Republic of Korea, Marubeni Co. from Japan, Golden lion Group from Malaysia. In the zone, foreign-funded projects with investment each over RMB 100 million have exceeded 20. The contracted foreign investment has totaled US $1.5 billion.


Wujiashan Business Investment Zone


The Wuhan Wujiashan Taiwan Businessman Investment Zone, as the only Taiwan businessman investment zone in central China, has been full of investment chances. We warmly welcome all guests and investors to pay visits and make investment.     


        Authorized by the Hubei province and Wuhan Municipal Government, the zone relies mainly on the funds introduced from Taiwan while attracting investors from other countries and region. It was established in 1992. On jan.19th,2000, Wuhan Wujiashan Across-staits High-tech Development Zone was approved by the State Council Taiwan Business Office and Science & Technology Department. It is a national high-tech zone and covers an area of 1 square kilometers. The zone carries out the state's policies about encouraging Taiwan and foreign enterprises and the policies that are specially made for the zone by the local government. The investors can enjoy the favorable treatment in all aspect in the zone.


      The administrative organization is particular. The management committee of the investment zone is made up of the local government and the well-known Hong Kong and Taiwan financial groups. It's the first example of a new system that the overseas investors are invited to attend administration.


     The transportation is convenient. It is only 12 kilometers away from the center of the city, and 7 kilometers from the Hankou New Railway Station, 18 kilometers from the Whuhan Tianhe international Airport, 20 kilometers from the Qingshan Foreign Trade Wharves. There are 8 main passages in the zone: they are the 107 National Highway (Beijing to Shenzhen),the HanYu Railway (Wuhan to Chongqin), and Highway and Middle Ring Highway, Tianhe airport highway. Altogether they form a three-dimensional communication network with the zone as the center.


      The administrative organizations and legislation are well amplified. the network of finance and insurance , culture and education, entertainment and other services are all ready. The customs and commercial inspection department will set up branch office in zone.


Source: People's Government of Hubei

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