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Friendship Cities of Hubei

General Information

(2004-09-04 14:00:13)

Hubei Province, located in the heart of the central part of China, is in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Hubei is so named because it is located north of the Dongting Lake. Hubei Province, with Wuhan city as the capital, has an area of 186 thousand square kilometers, and a population of 60 million. Hubei Province is a place with beautiful scenery, long history, splendid culture, convenient communications, well-developed science and education, and strong economic base.


Hubei has a long history and is endowed with beautiful mountains and rivers and a large assemblage of distinguished talents. Within its territory there is abundance of cultural heritage of world. Hubei is a resplendent pearl in the land of China.


Hubei is an important base of heavy industry in the country. By now it has developed a comparatively complete industrial system with automobile, iron and steel, mechanical and electrical equipments, textile, chemical industry and building materials as its pillar.


The Hi-technology in Hubei develops rapidly, China Optics Valley, as the representative, has reached the top level of the world in the optics communication, laser, advanced productive technology field, etc.


An open Hubei with its special charm and strong power is now becoming one of the favorite places for investors from home and abroad. The people of Hubei wish friends from home and abroad to come to pay visits and inspections, exchange and cooperation, to invest and purchase in Hubei. Let's work together and share the successes and joys of the high and new technology industry in Hubei and look forward to its bright future.

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