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Friendship Cities of Hubei

Hydro-Power City--Yichang

(2004-09-03 22:39:26)


  Located in the west of Hubei, on juncture of the middle- upper reaches of the Changjiang River, Yichang, which was called Yiling in ancient time, has a history of over 2400 years. The city covers an area of 21,000 square kms, with a population of 4.15 million. It is a national-level Excellent Tourism City, Civilized City.

   Yichang is very rich in natural resources, especially hydroelectric resources. The hydro energy likely to be exploited amounts to as high as 25 million kilowatts, which accounts for 99% of tile total amount of Hubei Province. The first dam of the great Changjiang River, Gezhouba Project, the well-known Three Gorges Project settle in the urban area of Yichang. Thus it is honored as "Hydropower Capital of the World." Yichang has a convenient transportation. The golden waterway of the Yangtze River, 318 National Highway and Yihuang Expressway, the special purpose highway for Three Gorges Project, Jiaoliu Railway, Three Gorges Airport together constitute a three-dimensional transportation network. The perfect investment environment has attracted investments from many enterprises with well-known brands such as HuiYuan of Beijing, Haier and Aucma of Qingdao and Junyao of Zhejiang.

   Yichang, which has a long history, is one of the key tourism cities in China. The splendid Three Gorges has long been an attraction in China for its magnificence, elegance, marvellousness and perilousness. The gorges, mountains, caves and waters in Yichang make the city a charming place for tourists. There are over 600 sites with various tourism resources, 3 of which are at world-level, and 30 national-level. The Three Gorges and Gezhouba Project are awarded the title of "China's 40 Best Tourist Spots," Tanzi Ridge Tourist Spot of the Three Gorges Project is one of the first AAAA level scenic spots. Yichang was approved as an open city along the Yangtze River by the State Council in 1994.

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