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Friendship Cities of Hubei

Panel: Bush's Iraq policy not working
Iran vows to continue nuclear activities despite sanctions
NASA: New evidence of water on Mars
Gates confirmed by U.S. Senate to lead Pentagon
Yanukovych's party leading Ukraine's parliamentary election
Olmert says to set borders of Israel by 2010
Thai PM vows to form coalition govt after election
US probes killings of Iraqi civilians
Belarussian protesters evicted out of central Minsk square
ETA's ceasefire pledge comes into effect
Sonia resigns as MP, to fight election
US: No final deal reached over Iran's nuclear issue
Thaksin given ultimatum to resign within 48 hours
Bush refuses to set timetable for withdrawal from Iraq
Belarussian president vows continuation of 'peace, pluralism' diplomacy
Ahmadinejad: Nation stands firmly to regain nuclear rights
Quartet meeting to be held over crossing problem
Mock coffin attempted for Rumsfeld
US troops to stay in Iraq for a few more years: commander
Thousands of Westerners demonstrate to mark Iraq war anniversary
British guns in al-Qaeda hands: report
Hamas announces formation of govt
Iran says ready to talk with U.S. on Iraq
Bush reaffirms strike-first policy
Iraqi parliament ends 1st session
Permanent Five, Germany to discuss Iran issue next Monday
UN General Assembly creates new Human Rights Council
Iran, Russia reach agreement on Iran's nuclear issue
Hamas slams Israeli prison raid as 'blatant assault'
Thaksin supporters to move in to confront protesters
Russia questions Milosevic autopsy findings
Thai PM Thaksin refuses to step down
UNSC permanent members remain divided over Iran nuclear crisis
Shiite cleric calls for calm after serial bombings
Car bombings and mortar rounds kill 40 in Baghdad
Milosevic dies of heart attack: UN tribunal
Saddam trial resumes in Baghdad
Iran threatens to reconsider commitment to NPT, rules out Russian proposal
Migrating birds could bring bird flu to US: official
Bomb explosion aims Thai king's chief adviser
Fatah, Hamas resume talks on cabinet formation
Rice claims Iran determined to develop nuclear weapon
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